Europe is by definition a multilingual continent. In addition, it has experienced several waves of migration across states and from non-European countries with the establishment of multilingual communities, especially in urban areas. Understanding the benefits and challenges of multilingualism is of primary importance for education, employment and integration. The proposed summer school aims at offering an overview of speech, language and literacy impairments in multilingual children going from assessment of language impairment in multilingual children, to remediation program, to literacy development, to language intervention in school. In addition, we will offer workshops on transferrable skills. This summer school is organized within the framework  of the Internation Traning Network (ITN) Multimind funded by the EC and comprising 9 academic organizations and 2 private sector organizations. The aim of Multimind is to conduct fundamental research in multilingualism across the life span, in different social and educational settings, including refugee settings. Multimind includes 15 projects that investigate the cognitive and social impact of multilinguism with behavioral and brain imaging methods, the impact of taking decision in a foreign language, language impairment and dyslexia in multilingual individual, multilingualism in migration and refugee settings. During the school a visit to the Instituto di ricerca e cura Nostra Famiglia-Medea, Bosisio Parini (LC), is planned.